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Jamie Whicker:

General information, trade-stands, stalls, displays and Make, Bake and Grow

Jackie Scarpa: or phone 01665 570896/07427835500

Advertising and publicity

George Davidson:

Claire Pimley Davison:

Treasurer and Forestburngate Fell Run

Robert Famelton: or phone 01669 620512

Hay Show

Hedley Heron: 07974125321

William Milburn: 01669 620293

Terrier Show

Jane Mackenzie:

Sheep Show

David Wood: 01669 620644

Vincent Milburn: 07584139485

Dressed Sticks Competition

Steve & Joanne Patterson:

Cumberland Wrestling Competition

Ken Davidson: 01669 621355

Vernon Cummings: 01669 620101


Would you like to get involved and help us with the Country Fair or the Hay Show?

Then do email Jackie Scarpa:

We'd love to meet you!

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